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October 9,

Sixth Avenue looking south from Pennsylvania Avenue

Sixth Avenue to be closed again next week

Starting next Monday (October 13th) the City’s contractor will close Sixth Avenue between Pennsylvania & Upas for another four-five days to complete the project started in July. The Water Department Operation staff plans to make two connections, transfer water services and later remove the highline on the first day. The contractor will then pave, slurry seal and stripe the street. Residents are being informed about the road closure...plan on using a detour.

October 8,
“I thought it was a fabulous name. I think anything that challenges people’s paradigm and gets them to think outside the box, and at the same time reclaims what has been used as a hate word, is a positive thing.”
— Brande Faris, VP of The Fellowship of Associated Gay Students & Straight Allies
October 7,
The Democratic Party is a family, and it’s time to restore the ties that bind us together and to come together around the ideals we share, the values we cherish, and the country we love. We may have started on separate journeys, but today, our paths have merged. And we are all heading toward the same destination, united and more ready than ever to win in November and turn our country around because so much is at stake.
Senator Hillary Clinton explaining why we need to help elect Barack Obama our President
October 6,
“That ‘small public park’ is itself Horton Plaza, perhaps the most historic block in San Diego County, San Diego’s front yard established in 1870 by Alonzo Horton when he built his Horton House Hotel across the street on the site of the present US Grant Hotel. ”
— Welton Jones in today’s letters to the Union-Tribune editor
October 5,

MC Flow, SD Music Awards 2008, Best Hip Hop Artist & Best Hip Hop Album


Belated congratulations to MC Flow
Uptown rapper girl MC Flow recently brought home two trophies from the San Diego Music Awards for Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Hip Hop Album. “Thanks ... to all the bloggers, who will be talking about this tomorrow.”

Backed by her crew (below from left to right): fly girl/dancer, GG, hype-girl-producer-object of audience desire Taylor-Tay; (MC Flow) and turntablist, DJ Rob Fayder — MC Flow dropped her debut album, “Incredible,” in 2008.

MC Flow, aka Abby Schwartz, 30, is also the Women’s Resource Center coordinator at The Center and was the organizer for this year’s San Diego Dyke Geegee, Joe, MC Flow and Jose, San Diego Music Awards 2008March. She “wears many hats” in her life and plays many roles – community organizer, rapper/performer, journalist, etc. – but all her work is inspired by the common goal of empowering women and creating a strong and vibrant community. She has always been inspired by the Ghandi quote, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” and tries to live by it.

Her role models are the foremothers of the movement – women such as Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, who founded the first lesbian advocacy organization. At her desk at The Center, Abby has two large boards of magazine clippings and photos from early San Diego lesbian publications, to remind her to keep the movement moving forward.
October 4,
“I’ve had it with these four firefighters. I’ve attended the gay pride parade many times and can testify that 98 percent of it is just pure fun. I think this lawsuit against the city is rooted deeply in homophobia...These guys are acting as though they were thrown to the ground and sexually assaulted.”
—Lee Dentsman in today’s letters to the U-T
October 3,
“Readers have every right to reject my opinion. But when we decide that a person is a traitor and should die for having an opinion different from one's own, we cross into territory that puts all freedoms at risk. (I hear you, Dixie Chicks.)”
— Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker who’s on the GOP shit list for her thoughts about Palin
October 2,
Over 100 attend Tuesday evening’s candidate forum
It was a hot night at Uptown’s Grace Lutheran Church as the Neighborhood Historic Perservation Coalition (NHPC) held a candidate forum for the upcoming November 4th election. Despite the heat, 110 people attended to hear candidates Sherri Lightner (District 1), Stephen Whitburn and Todd Gloria (District 3) Marti Emerald (District 7) and City Attorney Mike Aguirre. His challenger Jan Goldsmith cancelled. The candidates were asked questions directly from the forum moderator and then took questions from the floor. There was some interrogation about campaign contributions between the District 3 candidates, but surprisingly each of the candidates appeared to be generally appreciative of the benefits of the current Mills Act program; in favor of notices for demolitions; and calling for revamping or dismantling of the redevelopment agencies. The entire forum wil be posted on YouTube soon.
Each of the candidates graciously stayed and fielded questions until approximately 8:40pm, well past the planned 8pm ending time. Highlights included Mike Aguirre: regarding Rose Canyon, Sunroad & 301 University — each needed more careful review. Legal opinions that provide guidance to the city are too often ignored. Aguirre also shared that downtown redevelopment is a means of transferring wealth to developers. The whole idea is supposed to grow out of the community, and that is not what has happened in the City of San Diego.
Sherri Lightner: San Francisco has a fine of $25,000 (for illegal demolitions) not an ordinary cost of business. Let’s do that. Adding that affordable housing is a gimmick that makes it ok to reduce parking requirements. Her community (La Jolla) can’t get affordable housing and does not have any affordable housing. The developers will pay the in lieu fee instead and it creates a problem when all of the affordable housing is moved out of a community (because the historic buildings that once provided it have all been demolished). Stephen Whiburn: I will bet anyone $10 that no one in this room will be invited to be part of the stakeholder group that city staff is hand picking for the Uptown Community Plan. He also asked when will the city start to do something about illegal demolitions. Community members have done what they can but the city council needs to take the lead on this now. Todd Gloria: We need to levy fees and fines to those who perpetuate illegal demolitions. Todd also sugggested the use of Channel 24 to do more public service announcements (regarding education to prevent illegal demolitions). If elected, he would like to serve on the Land Use and Housing Committee and would make reigning in on illegal demolitions a priority. Marti Emerald: Affordable housing has a legal definition but has also become an overused buzz phrase. It has lost significance for those shut out of the market and it turns people off from projects, adding, “We have got to stop calling people NIMBY’s just because they want to have a say about what they want in their community, and we need to listen to the people in the community more.” She also supported Todd’s suggestion to use Channel 24, but refined it to educate the public and educate staff so that everyone understands the rules.
October 1,
“But I think that most of the conversations going on out there miss a critical point: that this bailout and the ones that will in all likelihood follow it fail to address the root cause of the problems.”
— Voice of San Diego’s Rich Toscano