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October 24,
“It’s precisely one of those questions that should be decided by the people. I am perfectly comfortable with whatever the majority of the citizens of San Diego decide.”
Stephen Whitburn re: the beach booze ban (Prop D)
October 23,
“Working out at the 24 Hour Fitness in Hillcrest for the time that I did was easily the most interesting experience I have had in San Diego.”
— jspees88 in a SD Weekly Reader blog: Straight Minority
October 22,
“It’s a deemed entertainment district. And it’s not like we’re absentee landlords who put a finger up and act like we don’t care. We do care. It’s an extreme upgrade from what it used to be. Remember when it used to be a peep-show porn shop in an ugly purple building?”
— CEO James Brennan re: Universal Hillcrest’s trouble in the ’hood
October 21,

Koi at the Japanese Friendship Garden

Free Tuesday admission in Balboa Park
Entry to the Japanese Friendship Garden and Balboa Park’s koi pond will be free today (even though the pond recently suffered a tragic event). Every Tuesday several museums in Balboa Park are free to local residents as a “thank you” for supporting them through your tax dollar$. On the third Tuesdays, San Diegans may visit the San Diego Art Institute, the Mingei International Museum, the Museum of Man, the SD Museum of Art and the tranquil Japanese Friendship Garden...for FREE. Enjoy!
October 20,
Want to help ban Proposition 8?
Tens of millions of dollars are being spent for and against Proposition 8, a statewide measure that will appear on the November 4th ballot. The proposition, regarding gay and lesbian marriage, has engendered much discussion, some of it fierce and emotional. There is still much you can do to help educate friends, family and neighbors as to why they should vote no on Proposition 8. Polls are close (or maybe we are losing), and help is needed.

The SD City Council may vote to oppose it. The San Diego Union-Tribune has told readers that this gay and lesbian marriage right should not be repealed. (Not bad for a “conservative” paper, huh?) The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego is urging you to check “no” on your ballot, but this same-sex marriage ban for California is attracting big money. The fight is close and every vote against this proposition is needed. Here are five things you can do to help.
October 19,
We all deserve the freedom to marry
Are you registered to vote for the upcoming election?

Tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 20) is the last day to register to vote in the November 4th General Election. It is necessary to re-register if you have moved, changed your name or if you have changed your political party affiliation. Voter registration forms are available at the post offices, libraries, schools, city and county offices and at the Department of Motor Vehicles (at the Hillcrest corner of Lincoln & Normal). No more lagging, make sure you are registered to vote!
October 18,
“Can you sense it? Do you feel the deep tingle? Because amid the fiscal meltdown and Obama’s stunning poll numbers and the stress of the election, this staggering fact: George W. Bush is nearly done.”
— Mark Morford explains nine perfect ways to prepare for the End of Bush
October 17,
“(San Diego County) should stop wasting taxpayers’ dollars and recognize what the courts have recognized -- that state medical marijuana laws are a legitimate exercise of state authority. It’s time for these counties to issue the cards and implement the medical marijuana laws fully.”
— ACLU attorney Adam Wolf re: yesterday’s decision by the California Supreme Court