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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
“These homes are part of the city’s history. We have 2,200 designated historic properties and we’re going to send a letter to them all, warning them of the thefts.”
— Cathy Winterrowd of the city’s Historic Resources Board
August 16 2011

Bankers Hill residents group, August 15, 2011The Bankers Hill residents’ group met at St. Paul’s Cathedral Monday as over 35 neighbors heard two alternatives to the Jacobs/Sanders Plaza de Panama proposal. Ian Clampett from Kevin Faulconer’s office reported on repairs to the Quince Street bridge and the eucalyptus trees recently removed. He was advised that only four trees were removed. Residents noted this number much higher.

Bankers Hill architect John Ziebarth (above) presented a Balboa Park proposal focusing on goals and objectives, not a “preordained solution.” His plan differs from that of Jacobs/Sanders by eliminating “parking” not “traffic” from the Plaza de Panama and would minimize the adverse impacts on the park’s operations during and after construction...and sustainability. Sandor Shapery (Innovative Transportation Systems) proposed the use of historic streetcar powered by a MagneRail, which does not need overhead wires. This advanced, green technology is currently being explored by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to transport shipments to Victorville, California.

Residents are encouraged to submit ideas for future meetings held monthly on the third Monday.
August 15

The new Hillcrest sign is lit as the community poses underneath the new LED beacon.The community gets a new sign

The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) threw a grand party Sunday for the 27th annual CityFest street fair, San Diego's oldest and best gatherings of music, neighbors, vendors and politicians. Booths lined Fifth Avenue from Brookes to University, but the heart of the festival was at University & Fifth avenues under the Hillcrest sign where the grand stage featured music from noon until 9pm.

Emcee and Hillcrest’s favorite singer and entertainer, Laura Jane kept the energy high all day and closed out the evening with her band The Tighten Ups. The celebration’s highlight was the unveiling of the new Hillcrest sign. CityFest chair Johnathan Hale and HBA president Nick Moede were joined by staff, volunteers, US Congresswoman Susan Davis and council member Carl DeMaio on stage. Hillcrest’s council member Todd Gloria welcomed the crowd and was the first to turn on the new LED sign. Two videos have been posted more to follow.
August 14

I’ll miss the neon. I grew up in Hillcrest back in the 60’s and was there when the sign was refurbished the 1st time. For some of the other ‘old-timers’ here’s some names from the past: Hammonds 5 & 10, Mayfair, Chicken Pie Shop, Bogle’s Gun Shop, The Huddle (the only one still around).”

— comment from reticle to News10’s story about the new LED sign for Hillcrest
August 13

Trolley Barn Park’s Annual Concert in the Park series, on Adams Avenue in University Heights, ended Friday, 8/5, with a tremendous send off by Sue Palmer & Her Motel Swing Orchestra.

Sue Palmer takes no back seat to jazz and blues entertainers around the globe. Known as San Diego’s Queen of the Boogie Woogie Beat, she tickles the ivories with a complete blues collection on her keyboard. With her unique style, she loves to bring home tantalizing renditions reminiscent of the clubs and cafés of 1932 Paris, Harlem, West Texas, and Hawaii. Sue and her entourage of professional musicians have been favorites at these Trolley Barn Park, summer concert crowdconcerts for years. Their upbeat rhythms and musical variety keep the crowds totally entertained for hours, as many recline and just listen, while others dance the evening away. This year’s capacity crowd was one of the largest I have ever witnessed at Trolley Barn Park.

Sue is truly “One of a Kind” with a great entertainment history. If you would like to know more about her, sign up for her newsletter, or order a CD, access her website. It is full of pertinent information.

Karen, Zack, Janice and Ed at the final summer concert in University Heights Trolley Barn ParkKaren, Zack, Janice, Ed Pals, just hanging out; reclining and listening to Sue Palmer at Trolley Barn ParkThese wonderful concerts are sponsored by a multitude of business companies, vendors, and associates. Without their support each year, the concerts would not exist. If you did not make it this year, put next July/August on your calendar, and block out six Friday evenings. Check, before then, with University Heights Community Newspaper for particulars, including the schedule and a list of the diversified musical groups who will perform, from down home Country to Latin Beats.

SENIORS, a note: this type of musical entertainment is right up your alley. Trolley Barn Park Concerts are for everyone, so you can bring the whole family….and enjoy. If you have not made it before, you are in for a treat....don’t miss them next year.
August 12

May I Have This Dance?

Wheel chair dance lessons in Balboa ParkWheelchair users in San Diego have been treated to a wonderful program of dance classes, each Wednesday from 11am-2pm, since May 25th. The last class was July 6th. The lessons are held at the Recital Hall (2130 Pan American Way) in Balboa Park. If you have a chance to drop by, you’ll be in for a special experience of watching the participants and their partners dance to the beautiful rhythms of the Cha Cha, Rumba and Waltz.

Students & Volunteer Partners: As mentioned, previously, wheelchair dancing has been around for years around the world, but has only William Valencia and Beverly Weurdingrecently been discovered in the United States. It is growing in popularity all across the country. Beverly Weurding, a wheelchair user, founded the program, here, in San Diego. The program is led by professional Certified Ballroom Instructor, William Valencia.

William & Beverly: The students just completed their 5th session and how they have developed in the art of dancing is overwhelming. From the first session, being shy and awed by the prospect of being able to dance in their wheelchairs, they have blossomed…….You should see the bright smiles, as they go through their routines, “dancing on their wheels”.

Peggy Padilla and Jordan O'NealThis session was covered by PBS. The camera crew worked vigorously to capture all angles. We will know more about the airing on PBS, later. This should prove to be a wonderful documentary on the rewarding program of Wheelchair Dancing. This program is co-sponsored by the City of San Diego Park & Recreation Department Senior Citizen Services, Sharp Grossmont Foundation, and The Craig H. Nielsen Foundation. Many thanks go to these caring organizations. Remember, volunteers are the backbone of keeping these programs going.

If interested in volunteering, call Senior Citizen Services (619) 236-6905. If interested in information on wheelchair dancing, call Beverly Weurding at (858) 573-1571 or visit their website at www.wheelchairdancers.org.

August 11

New Hillcrest sign being installed overnight (August 10/11, 2011) being installed at Fifth & University in Hillcrest, San Diego, California

A new beacon for the community

Overnight the sign that started CityFest came down...and a new Hillcrest sign with LED lights was installed. The first sign was donated to Hillcrest by women shopkeepers in 1940. After years of being unlit, in 1984 the community raised donations in to rebuild it, and the party created under the beacon was the genisis for CityFest, San Diego’s first neighborhood streetfair which has continued throughout the decades. The new sign will be relit at 8pm Sunday for the last hour of CityFest.

August 10
Whatcha doing Sunday afternoon? Come to Fifth & Robinson at 2:30 during Hillcrest’s Cityfest.
August 9
The Hillcrest Town Council meets tonight from 6:30-8pm at the Joyce Beers Commuity Center...join other area neighbors at this monthly gathering. Free coffee & cookies!

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