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June 8
Balboa Park’s Botanical Building
City Council yesterday voted to begin charging a $2 fee for enjoying the plants in Balboa Park’s Botanical Building. This 90-year-old lath house was the dream of San Diego Floral Association founding president, Alfred D. Robinson.

Botanical Building, Balboa Park, San Diego

The move was made in hopes of
 collecting an additional $210K to
 help with the city’s budget inbalance.
 The council rejected the idea to charge
 non-San Diegans for use of city-owned
parking lots at the beaches and bays.
 Annual lost revenue: $1.15 million
June 7
Mark Dyer's Epiphyllum "Kona Coast"Mark's Kona Coast Epiphyllum 

The epiphyllums are
in bloom around town.

Hillcrest resident Mark Dyer proudly displays “Kona Coast” purchased at Rainbow Gardens
 in Vista...the vivid beauties
 are flourishing in
his sideyard.

 The colorful flowers only last a day or two, but what beauties!
June 6
The Opportunity by Richard Haass

Are we wasting our chance to reshape the world?

Richard Haass, a top State Department official in George W. Bush’s first term
and now president of the Council on Foreign Relations, has a new book called
The Opportunity: America’s Moment to Alter History’s Course.

Haass argues that if containment was the foreign policy of choice for the post-Cold War era,
then multilateralism and integration should be the policy for the post-9/11 world.
June 5

and da winner is...
Rock n Roll Marathon, San Diego
June 4
Pieces acapella pop singersAssemblymember Shirley Horton
At today’s street fair in City Heights
Deejah Marie and Pieces acapella group rocked!

University Avenue east of Fairmount was filled with food booths, community services and political booths (but not too many
elected officials actually showed up.) Two that did (state assemblymembers Shirley Horton and Lori Saldana) voted differently on AB-19, see below. We asked Shirley why she voted against the marriage-neutral bill which lost this week by one vote. She informed us that her gay friends told her the bill wasn’t needed.
Assemblymember Lori Salanda held a rally of support for Donna Frye for Mayor on Saturday morning in Balboa Park.
Donna is the only woman running for the office and one of two Democrats (the other being environmentalist Jim Bell).
Lori Saldana rally for Donna FryeMargaret and MarkDonna Frye for Mayor of San DiegoDonna Frye, Balboa Park — June 4, 2005Donna's June 4, 2005 Rally
Dick, Dick, Dick...no more closed-door meetings! Murphy tried yesterday to schedule another closed-door City Council meeting for Tuesday to discuss whether to sell the land, which could be worth millions of dollars, but City Attorney Michael Aguirre nixed it.
June 3
Frank Antonicelli plaque

Congratulations! This is great...
A website for Mission Hills Pioneer Park has been created by the children in
Patsy Kirk’s 4/5 Grade Seminar class at the community’s Grant Elementary School. The interesting site was recently chosen as the recipient of this year’s SOHO People in Preservation Award. SOHO’s Beth Montez presented the award to the 12 students who worked on the project.
June 2
Heart of the Zoo, December 2003

Heart of the Zoo (the most ambitious project in their 89-year history) will open tomorrow. A 50-year-old ficus tree, the largest of its kind in the country, was moved across the park and will be the exhibit’s 80-foot centerpiece.

Philantropist Joan Kroc bequeathed the zoo $10 million
for the elaborate habitat (almost a third of the total cost.)
June 1
Laguna Beach Landslide, June 1, 2005Laguna Beach Landslide, June 1, 2005
A landslide in Laguna Beach this morning destroyed 18 hillside homes.

The properties are located in an area called Bluebird Canyon, about 15 blocks from the ocean, where homes average $1.75 million.

Another destructive landslide occured here in 1978.