Uptown bike route meeting cancelled

girls-on-bikeSANDAG canceled a meeting planned for April 23 in Mission Hills to focus on University Avenue from Ibis Street to Front Street. This discussion was to include SANDAG’s proposed closure of the University ramp off Washington Street. Supervisor Ron Roberts says this this ramp will now stay open.

from SANDAG: Our next step is to present the details and current development status of the project to the SANDAG Transportation Committee, a policy committee of our Board of Directors, and request direction going forward. We expect to make this presentation at the Committee meeting on June 5, 2015 and will email you again when this is confirmed.  A community meeting that had been tentatively scheduled for April 23 will be rescheduled pending direction from the Transportation Committee.

Here’s some background info for those of you who haven’t followed the Uptown Bike Corridor drama…SANDAG, the regional transportation authority (made up of county politicians including Todd Gloria, Ron Roberts and Kevin Faulconer), is proposing the installation of a system of bike lanes throughout Uptown which will close the University Avenue off ramp at the top of Washington Street to vehicles. There are a wide variety of options and issues for the neighborhoods to consider, such as traffic calming, beautification, alignments and the removal of parking.

The Uptown Planners, the City’s neighborhood review committee for any new development in the neighborhood, held a special meeting Tuesday, March 24 at St. Paul’s Cathedral with 200-250 attendees. http://obrag.org/?p=93316 The bicycle plan which will remove parking and change traffic circulation in Mission Hills and Hillcrest concerns many of the older residents who no longer ride bikes, and need to get around in automobiles. http://www.sandiego6.com/news/local/Bicycle-plan-has-San-Diego-communities-fired-up-297486351.html



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  1. Luke Terpstra says:

    This motion was made and passed unanimously on August 12, 2014:

    “The Hillcrest Town Coucnil (HTC) supports the basic concepts (provide
    pedestrian/bicycle friendly streets that maintain parking in exchange for extra
    travel lanes) offered by Jim Frost’s “Transform Hillcrest” plan. We encourage
    SANDAG to work with his group, the HTC, the Hillcrest Business Association
    (HBA), the Uptown Community Parking District (UCPD), and other interested
    community members in incorporating these changes. The greater goals of place
    making put forward by SANDAG as part of the bike improvement plan can only be
    accomplished by having all of these groups work together and contribute to the

    Luke Terpstra
    Hillcrest Town Council

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