Hillcrest residents to discuss parking

parking-permitThe Tuesday, October 13 meeting of the Hillcrest Town Council will feature a discussion on community parking issues following comments from State Representative Toni Atkins (who’s now running against State Senator Marty Block. He will be speaking to HTC members at next month’s meeting). Toni will share the latest news from the state capitol and take questions from residents.

The big topic of the evening will be parking.

Angled Parking? — it’s deja vu all over again. The Uptown Community Parking District (UCPD) is beginning a process to determine the feasibility to change the configuration from parallel to angle parking along Essex Street. What does this mean to residents who live here? The Parking District will share the benefits and ask residents for their opinion.

Residential Permit Parking? — Do you have parking problems on your street? Does your neighbor use the street to park their car, then use their garage for storage? Do employees from local businesses take up parking all day (or all night) long? Parking permits for neighborhood residents may be the answer. Learn about the current city restrictions. Will the rules work for Hillcrest? Do they need to be changed to benefit everyone? How about residential parking permits with two free hours for all?

The meeting will take place from 6:30-8pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center in The Hub (formerly the Uptown District). All are welcome. Residents are encouraged to attend. Please bring a neighbor!!



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