New trash cans for Hillcrest!

Installation for the first of 30 new trash receptacles began today along University Avenue. The Hillcrest Business Improvement Association (HBIA) recently made a significant contribution to the beautification of our neighborhood with the addition of 20 new, decorative trash containers. The Hillcrest Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), a group of property owners who pay additional taxes earmarked for improvements in the core area of Hillcrest, purchased 10 more containers specifically for placement in the heart of Hillcrest.

The Hillcrest Community Foundation received a grant from Supervisor Ron Roberts office for funds that matched the investment of the MAD and HBIA. The Hillcrest Town Council, an organization representing homeowners and renters, provided a map indicating where the containers, installed by City Farmer, were most needed. The initial 20 containers were installed today with the final installation of the remaining 10 next weekend. On-going maintenance and trash pick up will be provided by the HBIA.



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