Uptown loves Tailor Love

At an early age Carla’s passion for fashion was evident. She grew up grew up with Marcio Pereira who would become her husband, in the middle of the North Atlantic on an isle in the enchanted Azores, also known as “Islands of Love”. The couple accidentally met while working during a summer break and wed several years later, but their biggest step was still ahead — moving to America. Carla had never been here, but she didn’t hesitate, and their adventure began.

Carla filed paperwork in Portugal and had several interviews with the consulate, before signing a contract to create a better life. She pledged to work, follow the dream, ask for nothing from our government and to obey the laws. It was then Carla earned her treasured green card.

In 2009 Carla and Marcio arrived in San Diego and quickly applied for every job available, from supermarkets to fashion magazines. A few weeks passed with no luck. They then began to knock on the door of each tailor shop in the city.  Exactly one month following their arrival, Carla got a job with a well-known tailor and seized the opportunity to learn even more from the vast experience of her new boss.

A year later Carla and Marcio decided to realize the American dream, and created Tailor Love at 3523 Fifth Avenue. It was scary, but after much dedicated effort the business launched and soon an assistant was hired. San Diegans began bringing items needing alterations, and Carla created fabulous fashions for new clients. The reputation of Tailor Love grew quickly in the community while they built relationships with companies such as Banana Republic and Astor & Black. She explains, “It is a pleasure to help everyone who needs a bit of tailoring in their life, with a pinch of love!”

Tailor Love was created to make happy stories and fulfill the dreams of Carla and Marcio. As a result they are also satisfying clients and helping other brides’ dreams come true, too.