“The right to marry means little if it does not include the right to marry the person of one’s choice.”

Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
November 18, 200

“I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Hillcrest has tremendous potential because of the location and the stability of the residents. But it needs some hard work in planning and designing, such as better circulation and sign control. Its a fine place: bike shop, Italian grocery, Jewish delicatessen. I like Hillcrest so much I live there.”

John E. Hirten, author
San Diego, A Portrait of a Spectacular City, its Treasures, Traditions and Promise, 1969

“Each meter brings in an average of $730 for a $3 million total.”

Tom Williams, City Traffic Engineer
Hillcrest Highlights November, 1992

“Hillcrest in unfairly metered. Customers pay here to park, but can park free in La Jolla and North Park.”

David Cohn, Corvette Diner owner
Hillcrest Highlights November, 1992

“If I had the meter enforcement franchise in Hillcrest, I’d be rich by now.”

Tom Stoup, Blue Door Bookstore owner
Hillcrest Highlights November, 1992

“We’re not against enforcement, but we need fairness more than anything else.”

Carol Arko, co-owner of two popular bars Number One Fifth Avenue & Brass Rail
Hillcrest Highlights November, 1992

“I enjoy how easy it is to get to everything (in Hillcrest). Shops, restaurants and theaters are all nearby.”

Bonnie Dumanis, SD District Attorney
HillQuest May, 2003

“The first night at the hotel a donkey came under my window and saluted me with an unearthly bray.the fleas were plentiful and hungry. Mosquitoes also were in attendance.”

Mary C. Morse, relating her 1865 arrival in Old Town (Journal of SD History, 1961)

“One of the charming things about Hillcrest is its diversity. Certainly, there is no intention to make everybody’s shop look the same. We like the friendly, small town atmosphere, but it can be a little bit cosmopolitan, too…a little bit of San Francisco in San Diego.”

Joyce Beers, Hillcrest Association
Union-Tribune 1983

“Hillcrest boosters like to speak of upper Fifith Avenue, from Laurel to Washington, as San Diego’s Wilshire Boulevard of the future.”

San Diego Union September 1, 1969

“Things were kind of tough in 1923. There was a hay barn there [at the corner of Fifth and University] and a chimney sweep and a little old hardware store.”

Justin Hammond, owner
Hammond’s Variety Store
San Diego Union September 1, 1969

“City traffic engineers are taking a close look at several busy intersections throughout Hillcrest to see what can be done to relieve congestion and improve safety.”

Hillcrest Today April 27, 1983

“If we get district elections we’ll really be a political force in this city.”

Nicole Murray, community activist
Los Angeles Times April 31, 1983

“Elegant restaurants and sidewalk cafes are on every street (in Hillcrest). Find ethnic specialties, coffeeshops and late-night snacks.”

“Hillcrest boasts 107 eateries including American, Asian, Cajun, Greek, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Pan Asian, Szechuan and Thai.”

Signonsandiego.com 2003

“I may try to open it full time. I can’t loaf anymore. I feel great and it might be fun now because Hillcrest is alive again.”

George Pernicano, Pernicano’s owner
 February 1, 1987

“I’m thinking about opening the place back up. All the other pizzas taste like cardboard.”

George Pernicano, Pernicano’s owner, Februrary, 2003

“I’m thankful that I can wear sensible shoes and can walk with comfort all day long.”

Kate Sessions, Mother of Balboa Park
inscription on the Vermont Street Bridge

“Our neighborhood has been ‘the place to go’ for home furnishings for many, many years.”

Bob Davis, owner Al Davis Furniture and Mattress World,HillQuest 2003

“At a public hearing on June 12th the city council unanimously approved the establishment of a Hillcrest Business Improvement District. The effective date of the District will be July 25, 1984.”

Lucille L. Green, Chair Hillcrest Association

“This is the most happening place in the city, and it happens to be gay. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

Paul Colombo, bakery owner, 1983

“Hillcrest’s renaissance would have happened without homosexuals, but most credit them as its driving force.”

Lucille Green, President HBA, 1983

“In 1907 William Whitson, who founded Hillcrest through his Hillcrest Company, bought over 40 acres of land between First and Sixth avenues south of Mission Valley and began to subdivide. Within a few years hundreds of houses and Florence Elementary School were established, and by the 1920s and 1930s Hillcrest was thriving.”

Michael E. Dilliger, author
Hillcrest: From Haven to Home

“Hillcrest is a friendly, small town neighborhood with the cosmopolitan advantages of a large city. We hope to improve and expand the pleasant pedestrian environment and make it easier to get to and park in Hillcrest.”

Hillcrest Business Association
Hill Courier, 1983

“Hillcrest is a blend. The population is diverse and the different kinds of people who choose to live or visit here coexist very well.”

Patrick McLoughlin, President HBA
Del Mar Citizen
, 1988

“Hillcrest will continue to be an open-minded community. It will include yuppies, it will include gays and senior citizens.”

Joyce Beers, HBA
 June 12, 1985

“During my heyday, I was screening up to 150 films a year, which averages out to about 12 movies a month or four per week.”

Steve Russell, Manager
Landmark Theaters from 1985-1996

“For me, I’ve got to have some fun, instead of being totally stressed out each day. If anyone thinks their job is tough, try fighting cancer.”

Barbara Crusberg, Community Activist and Businesswoman

Referring to Hillcrest as a fledgling Greenwich Village and an artistic sanctuary…“you cannot plan an artistic community such as Hillcrest because of the very nature of art and the people who express it, it must happen of its own accord.”

Tom Davis, theatre buff and entrepreneur 1986

“We are so fortunate to have Balboa Park as our big backyard and miles of interesting walks throughout the ’hood.”

Longtime Hillcrest resident and business owner 2003

“I grew up in Hillcrest, Dad. Whadya expect?”

Jim Johnston, 92103 resident HillQuest 2003

“I happen to be gay, but that’s not necessary to enjoy Hillcrest. We’re lucky to be living in such a liberal oasis, which is very tolerant of all with lots of things to do.“

C. David KulmanHillQuest 2003

“I’m going to kill you. You’re not turning the light on.” to (then) Mayor Roger Hedgecock at the re-lighting of the Hillcrest sign

unarmed man August 26, 1984
(he was taken into custody by SDPD)

“The diversity of the people forms an important keystone of our village. Hillcrest proudly shows its colors in the rainbow of the Queer community. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian communities first came out of the closet here.”

P.E. RobbinsHillQuest 2003

“We want this to be a fair hearing (a discussion of Hillcrest housing for former substance abusers), so please avoid name calling or who said what to whom. Just present the facts, and we’ll try to sort them out.”

Robert Orphey, Uptown Planning Committee ChairHillcrest Highlights November, 1992

“All it takes for us to be great is enough caring people who are willing to take time and do something positive.“

Cindy Lehman, HBA President
October 21, 1996 (citing the diversity and caring qualities of the people in Hillcrest

“Happily, our community grows more prosperous as the California economy rebounds, which means, of course, that we continue to thrive and expand. Long dark storefronts now gleam in the night.“

Bob Grinchuk, HBA President
1996 Annual Report

“We must get behind a campaign that does not tolerate panhandling like other business communities across the United States.”

Suzanne Babbitz, HBA President, 1993

“Hillcrest has its own pissoir – the Thrifty (now Rite Aid) wall.”

Tom Stoup, HBA President, 1992