Together Everyone Achieves More

post-pride-cleanup2012The Bankers Hill Community Group and the HTC’s Hillcrest Clean T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) “partnered with Pride” for 2015’s Neighborhood Post-Pride Clean-Up event on Monday, July 20. Dozens of neighbors in Bankers Hill and Hillcrest put the sparkle back on the streets of our neighborhoods.

The Hillcrest group started bright and early Monday morning (at 8am) on Park Boulevard just south of University wearing their traditional orange t-shirts. The Bankers Hill Community Group gathered at Sixth & Ivy (and along Fifth and Sixth avenues). Volunteers received more than a great sense of pride! Bankers Hill cleaners received a new lime green t-shirt. Those in Hillcrest received the traditional orange shirt. (The Clean TEAM is over 11 years old.)

San Diego Pride donated $10 per volunteer hour to each neighborhood.

At noon volunteers in both communities met for refreshments, and story telling at Urban Mo’s on University (at Third Avenue) thanks to the generosity of Chris Shaw.

UCSD/Clean Team effort

pete-lauraThe first organized clean-up of 2014 began at UC San Diego Medical Center with help from its staff and the Hillcrest Town Council on Saturday morning, January 18th. Following picking and sweeping up lots of trash and cigarette butts, many of the group of 30 volunteers were hosted to pizza, salad and beers and the Hillcrest Brewing Company. Here’s a YouTube video of the volunteer party fun.

Members of the Hillcrest Clean T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) and neighbors throughout Uptown joined in the effort…leaving all with a lot of pride.


—> Thanks to everyone for helping to put the shine back on Hillcrest after the 2013 Pride Weekend. Over 30 volunteers met up on Park Blvd just south of University Avenue, as well as throughout Bankers Hill…and they picked a LOT of trash. Big thanks, too, to Urban Mo’s for donating treats to the volunteers after the effort.

  Please don’t litter in Uptown!

More Kudos…

Thanks to the 2008 Hillcrest Business Association board, the Hillcrest MAD (Maintenance Assessment District) and SD County Supervisor Ron Roberts who equally provided the $30,000 for the Hillcrest’s beautiful green trash collectors. (The HBA and MAD still pay to have them emptied….bet you thought our taxes paid for that service.) The new trash cans have made a HUGE difference in keeping the neighborhood clean.

Who is the Hillcrest Clean T.E.A.M.? From November 2005 through January of 2007 dozens of diligent sweepers met the first and third Sundays of each month to clean the sidewalks and gutters of Hillcrest keeping the neighborhood cleaner until the Hillcrest M.A.D. was formed.

After a well-deserved break, they’re sweeping again at least once every quarter being led by the Neighborhood Improvement Committee (NIC) of the Hillcrest Town Council. The Bankers Hill Clean T.E.A.M. began in 2012 and is part of the Bankers Hill Community Group.

Please join us! Together we can make both neighborhood the cleanest in San Diego.

“I would just like to say that I sincerely appreciate all the efforts of the Hillcrest Clean Team. Hillcrest has come along way since the days of the furniture building (which is now replaced by Whole Foods) and the rear parking lot that had been used as a public dump. Your diligent work has helped maintain the beauty of the neighborhood that Hillcrest is today! Bravo! Kudos to all!

I think the creation of the Hillcrest Town Council is a great idea! (I’ve called Hillcrest home since 1974.) Hillcrest is more than just a business district. The people that live in the Hillcrest area give the neighborhood its flavor and character! I’m interested and plan to attend an upcoming town hall meeting to hear the concerns and interests of other people in Hillcrest.

Once again, thanks to the Hillcrest Clean Team for a job well done!”

The very best to you,
Holly Sandy