3333 Fifth Avenue Suite 100 San Diego

Dr. Evelyn Ascough or, as she is known by her patients, Dr. Ybee (pronounced “E-Bee”). Dr. Ybee provides complete dental care for all people of all ages. She will make you feel safe and comfortable with her warm, soft spoken approach, and she takes time to answer your questions.

Dr. Ybee is a dentist who believes healthy gums and teeth are essential to your total well-being. In fact, the conditions of your gums and teeth have a direct effect on your whole body. We appreciate your trust and, as a reward, we provide all our new patients with a free in-office teeth whitening treatment valued at $700*


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1807 Robinson Avenue Suite 101 San Diego

Dr. Keeny’s staff is eager to help with your dentistry needs and answer any questions you might have during your visit with us. Each member of our team specializes in particular dentistry services from dental cleanings, root canals, dental insurance, continuing care, sensitivities, cosmetic care, and more! Have questions? Contact a member of our team today and we will be happy to help.

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