HillQuest.com gives visitors up-to-date information on what to do throughout Uptown’s richly diverse communities and San Diego. We deliver news unique to our urban neighborhoods, as well as local and national newslinks, events, slideshows, recreational walks, polls, videos and much more.

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CommitmentDirectory ListingSm. Horizontal Display AdMedium Cube Display AdLarge Vertical Display AdTop Banner Horizontal Ad
SIZES >>>n/a300 x 125px300 x 250px300 x 600px728 x 90px
1 monthn/a$72 per mo.$129 per mo.$241 per mo.$403 per mo.
3 monthsn/a$68 per mo.$123 per mo.$229 per mo.$384 per mo.
1 year $89 per year$65 per mo.$117 per mo.$219 per mo.$366 per mo.

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