A Neighborhood Treasure Hunt

Diversity is Hillcrest’s middle name. That’s equally true when it comes to finding a one-of-a-kind item just waiting for a money_1second (or third) home!

Boutiques, featuring everything from comic books to prom dresses, are willing to buy, sell and forex trading Australia many quality items. Located throughout the neighborhood, a concentration of shopping opportunities can be found on both sides of the street just south of the Hillcrest sign.


For clothes, the dazzling Flashbacks (3849 Fifth Avenue) is  filled with racks of goodies including sequined dresses, cashmere sweaters, spiky heels and boas. Discover more unique racks and accessories across the street at Buffalo Exchange (also popular with the college crowd). Have a former favorite? Trade for cash on the barrelhead. Wear It Again Sam (now closed) featured classic clothes from 1900s through the 1950s and also offers new “vintage inspired” apparel. Their window displays at 3823 Fifth Avenue were the best in town.

Second-hand shopping doesn’t stop there. Step next door into Bluestocking Books or across the tree-lined street at Fifth Avenue Books and spend some time browsing their wonderful aisles filled with used, rare and out of print books.

Hillcrest has an abundance of recycled record and CD stores, too. Visit Record City on (3757 Sixth) or Thirsty Moon tucked around the corner on Evans Place. Each has loyal customers who trade, collect and sell. The bottom line is — these shopkeepers protect our environment by helping us recycle…and it’s good to support the local economy.

Leave the car a few blocks away and walk into the village to avoid core congestion and a hungry parking meter. Another option would be one of the 390 spaces under Union Bank and Village Hillcrest where many local businesses validate your parking ticket.

Step in, browse, enjoy and help the local economy…buy!

— Fist published in HillQuest Urban Guide #6, 2008